5 Luxurious Spas You Must Visit

Have you been quite tired and looking for a rejuvenating spa to re-energize every single muscle and neuron in the body? You are tired of mediocre rank spas that deliver a meal, short and not comforting massage and spa treatment. We have brought you a list of some perfect spas to retreat yourself.

Along with relaxation, these spas will expose you to beautiful surroundings. These spas offer a variety of cultural, mystical, eastern, western, and pleasing treatments that will leave you having the most satisfying spa treatment. The best money can buy!


The spa that made it to the top of our list is La Reserve Geneva in Switzerland. This spa has a luxurious sauna, an indoor pool, a hammam, and a massage area. This spa is also famous for slimming, pain-relieving, and slimming functions along with stress bursting. The centuries-old acupuncture technique is also utilized to revive the best of you in a relatively short time. At the end of your lavish spa day, you are provided with personalized recipes, diet programs, a medical report, and an exercise regimen. How generous!


Another world-class elegance and the most up to date healing programs are carried out by Villa Stephanie in Germany. The very first thing this spa does to breakdown your stress is to block your wifi signals as soon as you enter it. The spa has 15 private rooms that offer you a serene and calm spa experience.

Your body will be analyzed by a cardiologist and physiotherapist as well to craft a personalized rejuvenating and detoxifying plan for your lovely self. The most outstanding feature of this place is that they also offer you a mouth spa assisted by notable and qualifies dentists. Things just got fixed without a clinical setting. How cool!

If you are a nature lover, trees, pure air, and grassy smell calm you, then Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia is your perfect spa. 230 miles away from Bali, this spa safari offers only ten guests at a time. Honeymooners’ most favorite spa offers a variety of Indonesian natural herbal treatments that relax every single muscle of the body along with natural detoxifying masks to exfoliate dead skin and suck out toxins. All these treatments are offered with an oceanic view. The best thing? You can wash off your scrubs and masks by swimming into the sea. How serene!

Euphoria Retreat in Greece is internationally recognized for the exquisite Ayurvedic treatments, Hellenic healing traditional treatments, and sensual treatments from Thai massagers along with a swim into the holistic infinity pool. They also offer luxury Euphoria reviving facials that relax and destress in a relatively short span of time. Reach new heights of relaxation at this wonderful spa.

Have you imagined having a spa in between monstrous snow-covered mountains? Leafy Resort and Spa Dolomiti in Italy is surrounded by a majestic view of Dolomites. This all seasons spa is a wellness center offering an array of group wellness and private fitness classes. Salt grotto, saunas,  mountain clay treatment are perfect to kick out all the stress and polish a better you.