The living room is undoubtedly the most important space in your house. Its first room that visitors see and the one you spend the most time in. Follow these simple steps to make an impression and give your living room a style boost. No matter if you are looking for new living room furniture or ambient lighting, there are seven easy ways to make your living space look better, whether it’s new furniture, ambient lighting, or unique accents.

Incorporate Metallic

To add some luxury to a room, you can consider introducing some metallic elements. You can make a huge difference in a room by adding metallic elements. A gold frame mirror can help to create the illusion that space is available in a smaller room. Brass lighting fixtures and silver candle holders can be small details that add elegance to any space. Remember that not all finishes must match, as this can make a room look cheap. You should instead look for pieces that complement one another.

Hang Custom Window Wavering’s

Bespoke window treatments are a great option for a luxurious space. These will fit perfectly in the space and look even more expensive. Custom-made curtains and drapes can be more costly than premade ones but they are worth the investment. You want drapes that reach the ground and even pool slightly to achieve the best effect.

Add Rugs to Make it more Welcoming

Rugs are an important part of upping the room’s luxe factor, as well as window treatments. They also bring warmth to the space and make it more comfortable. You can use area rugs to transform rooms quickly, tie everything together, or simply add interest and dimension to your space. You can choose to keep the rug neutral with beige or grey, or you can go bold with a subtle print. If you’re looking to spend a lot, ensure the rugs are made of wool or silk.

New Floors

You don’t have to use rugs to transform a space; you can also change the flooring. A timber floor is a great option as it can make any room look more elegant and sophisticated. Although they are more costly, wooden flooring is long-lasting and easy to clean.

Display Antique Pieces

It is important to display antique pieces prominently in your home. These items often have a patina which is hard to recreate but adds elegance and style to any space. If you are looking for interesting pieces, there are many options. You can look at the offerings at garage sales and flea markets. There are many pieces that can be used, including antique desks, chests, and lamps. Make sure to look closely at what you might incorporate.

Bring in Flowers, Greenery, and Plants

You can’t overlook plants when it comes to adding elegance to your space. You will find many varieties of houseplants so it is easy to find one that thrives in your home. For instance, if you’re low on natural light, you can opt for the cast iron plant, the ZZ plant, or the Chinese evergreen.

Mix and Match Materials

You can easily make your living area more beautiful by mixing wood, metal, and leather, or glass. You can create a bohemian vibe with natural components, such as handmade wooden bowls placed on a coffee table made of glass. It creates a unique, eclectic look for your living area by mixing different materials. Leather recliners look great with a soft throw blanket or an area rug. Wood furniture with metal detailing, such as nailhead trim, can give a sofa a modern industrial look. Enjoy having fun and incorporating different materials into the living room.