A Guide to Choosing Perfect Stilettos

Stilettos constitute a considerable chunk of a rich girl’s wardrobe. There are specific stilettos for every occasion, every season, and even every mood. WINKS. From formal to casual, there are stilettos available in reputed brand stores.

No stilettos can be worn just for the sake of wearing, or else look odd. There is a step-by-step guide to choose what and when to wear.

To start with, the most important thing you need to consider before choosing your stilettos is height. Stilettos are available in all heights, low, short, or high. It’s all about your own comfort zone whichever you choose. Even the sort of heel is to be the one you are comfortable in. One can never look beautiful and be uncomfortable at the same time. If pencil heels make you feel unsafe while walking, go for block heels. Comfort must some first.

Next, look for what the occasion is. The basic bifurcation of this is casual and formal. For formal wear, glittered, leather, monotone, pointed stilettos are preferred. Louis Vuitton and Gucci have the best range of formal stilettos to offer to your wardrobe. Causal stilettos can be playfully colorful, funky, peep toes, or any nice pair of heels. This is the easiest explained basic consideration that must be made before choosing what to wear.

Moving to the next, it is also of due importance to keep in mind the gathering you are going to attend. For instance, if you are going out on a date and start looking 4 inches taller than your partner, it will definitely spoil the spark of the date, ruining your evening in turn. Nobody wants to have a ruined date. While choosing the stilettos you wear, you also need to pay heed to the type of gathering you are going to tip-top in. On a friend’s evening out, you may indulge in the fun where you would have to stop for a while and change your stilettos for they would be making you uncomfortable to rush. Choose wisely please!

Types of Stilettos

Lastly, it is absolutely necessary to mention the types of stilettos so that your wardrobe does not remain deprived of any of those lovely fancy stilettos. Zip-up style stilettos are the most go-to type of stilettos. They have zippers on the back and all you do to fit in them is to place your foot and zip up. Stilettos with buckles always remain in fashion. They have an ankle strap on the buckle that helps you adjust fitting when wearing stilettos for long hours. The only drawback of these is the time putting on. Slide-on or slip-on stiletto are the easiest to fit in at all times. However, they cannot be adjusted or made loose or fit as they have no buckles or straps.

To sum up, while choosing the best stilettos for yourself, the primary focus needs to be on the level of comfort, then on the design. Every event, season, and occasion even company needs to be kept in mind to get the best stilettos to rock your look.

Stay high!