Artisan Chocolates you Must Eat at Least Once in Your Life

Made of creamy cocoa butter, exquisite sweeteners, flavored with exotic ingredients and handcrafted magnificently; artisan chocolates literally melt in your mouth, give your palate a luxury tour to heaven, and are an exclusive treat to the taste buds. There is no season or reason when you should not have a bar of chocolate. It is a perfect treat for every occasion and every emotion.

Artisan chocolates take the euphoria we get from chocolates to another level. These decadent delights are handcrafted with luxurious ingredients and are worth spending bucks on. Here are our few picks from the best-known artisan chocolates that you will regret if not try:

Orange Chocolate

Orange and chocolate are a mischievous combination. While dark chocolate is giving a soothing feeling to the palate and the core filled with naughty candied orange with a hint of Grand Marnier liquor play on the palate, one feels calm and refreshed at the same time. Pralus – Barre Infernale Orange Bar from Hello Chocolate has it all. The recipe originated from Rhône-Alpes, France. This bar is all; planeness, nuttiness, fruitiness, and intense pleasure. This bar is 75% cocoa, roasted hazelnut, almonds, and caramelized oranges.

Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Chocolate also offers an array of exquisite cocoa bars that have a wider flavor array, intense flavor, and greater depth. This brand has won many international chocolate awards and knows exactly how to create artisan chocolates from a fusion of modern and traditional techniques. Their Artisan Chocolates Gift Set has six extraordinarily pleasing flavored bars for those who have curious taste buds. Their gluten, wheat, and soy-free Honey Orchid Dancong Oolong Tea Chocolate has guava and cream under notes and floral fragrance and is a classy delight.

They also have bars infused with candied ginger, sea salt, lychee-rose, and orange-pineapple coupled with 75% dark chocolate. Go to their online store and find your hit.

Swiss Chocolates

It would be unfair to mention Swiss chocolates while enlisting wonderful artisan chocolates. Founded 80 years back, Teuscher offers handmade champagne truffles that match no other on the globe. All their products do not contain any preservatives, waxes, gums, or hydrogenated oils. Besides the evolution of technology, their truffles are still made the way they were made 80 years back.

Their Champagne Truffles Box has been a hit since 1947 and their signature speciality. Dark chocolate ganache, filled with Dom Perignon Champagne and sprinkled with confectioner sugar, are made to order and shipped weekly internationally.

French Chocolates

Just like Swiss, French chocolatiers have expertise in crafting chocolates. Among the best is the name of Valrhona, and their most unique passionfruit chocolate bar. Their first range of fruit co-ventures created with a blend of nature and expert techniques has a distinctive texture and taste. Their Passionfruit Inspiration bar is something your palate deserves.

There are a number of delights that offer the most indulging experience, the best and most loved among them are chocolates. Among chocolates, the best are the ones that have cocoa above 50%. Among those best are the ones we sweetly mentioned above. Do let us know what are your most loved chocolates!