Boozy gifts for our lovd ones on christmas

Boozy Gifts For Your Loved Ones on Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and if you are running out of creative gift ideas for your loved ones, consider reading this. You probably have friends and family who are fond of booze. Make them happy this Christmas by gifting them one of these boozy Christmas gifts. 

There are alcohol gift sets in the market; one of the best is Absolut Elyx Gift Set with the Original Copper Gnome. Along with making your loved ones happy, this gift makes someone else on the planet happy, too; on every Absolut Elyx Gift Set purchased, some needy would get two weeks supply of water for free. How calming is this?

Diplomatico Ambassador Cask Strength Rum is going to be a unique present for your rum-ohilic friend. This exquisite bottle of rum is aged for 12 years in white oak barrels and carries notes of raisins, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

For the most magnificent friend of yours, the elegant bottle of Patron en Lalique: Serie 2, with a handmade bottle from France, carrying artisan tequila, is a perfect choice. Clase Azul Gold Tequila is another option for tequila lovers. Nolet’s Reserve Dry Gin carrying hints of saffron and verbena is worthy of sipping for gin lovers. Its distinctive dark and gold bottle adds to the joy.

If you have someone around whose bar has almost all the alcohol already? We are sure they won’t have a bottle of Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire that is aged for up to 25 years that is crafted with wild oranges, perfect for a cocktail or on its own.

Good booze is not only for drinking; top luxury chocolatiers worldwide have utilized alcohol to carve the best alcohol-filled chocolates. These well-crafted chocolates carry fineness and sophistication like no other thing on the planet. Why can’t they be a lovely gift for your closer ones? Prestat’s London Gin Truffles crafted by UK’s Royal family’s own chocolate company are a delicacy. Vosges Mash Bill Truffle Collection works great for whiskey and stout admirers. If someone in the circle does not like chocolate much, then Francois Payar’s Vanilla Rum Truffles will suit them the most.

Another boozy gift is a wine or champagne soaked cake. Midnight Blue Champagne Cake from Bob the Baker Boy is a treat for eyes and taste buds. Apple pie bourbon, olf fashioned black forest, Bailey’s death by chocolate, rum and raisin yuzu gin and tonic cake can also be found at The Baker’s Distillery. All these options are available in 2 lbs cakes or cupcakes as well.

Coconut Lime Vodka Pie from Windowsill in the Woods, Petitte France from Mad About Sucre, Keep Popping Spheres from Stray by Fatcat, and Sake Kasu Cheesecake from Patisserie Gar some of the alcohol-infused desserts that can be found in Singapore. A cocktail box having all these or a box full of any of these would be enough to make your loved ones smile.