Caviar: the Superfood

It was not until 2016 that caviar made its way to the luxury culinary dishes in the world’s top restaurants. The word ‘caviar’ itself makes one think of a spoon full of pearls, or significant drops of savory having a unique taste of their own topped over a luxury meal. Nothing complements an exquisite meal like caviar does. The pasty saline taste has no other alternative in the world. People have assumed that caviar is mere fish eggs that exclusive restaurants serve; however, the said belief is wrong. Caviar is not merely over-priced fish eggs. There is a whole guide to buying caviar, and the process of preparing caviar is expensive and adds much to its original cost.

Sturgeon fish produce the best caviar in the world from the clear cold waters of the Caspian Sea. To extract caviar from the sturgeon fish, a farmer may have to wait for up to 18 years. This lavish caviar costs around $100 per ounce or more. It makes any luxury eater fall in love with the texture and flavor burst it owns. This rich omega-three state of the art food is processed in four main ways, the secret Iranian, French, Chinese, and Israeli. Most of these methods are kept secret so no other can copy this process that took centuries to evolve.

Caviar is not only consumed as a whole. Pressed caviar, caviar infused rum served in an oyster shell, and pickled caviar has also made their way to the superfood market. Besides having a rich taste, caviar has health benefits that no other food on earth can compete with. It has a high dose of omega 3, vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system and fertility and boosting the immune system. It is believed that the Persian kings used to consume caviar to revive their dead immune systems. Who does not want a super-strong immune system in the time of COVID 19?

Researches show that most people are vitamin B6 deficient, whereas one serving of caviar fulfills the daily adult requirement of vitamin B6. Along with these, it is packed with vitamin A, E, Iron, Magnesium, and Selenium. Moreover, beauty and skin experts claim that caviar is the most effective antiaging food given that the lighter and the older caviar, the more benefits it carries.

Several companies offer caviar tasting, and information sessions, Aquatic, a leading luxury caviar producing company also hosts such sessions. However, these sessions are minimal and expensive.

The best way to consume caviar is on potato skins, boiled egg whites, or infused vodka or rum. Perfectionists even prefer eating it alone at room temperature to experience the maximum of its taste. Most of the luxury culinary chefs serve caviar as an appetizer along with crème fraise or blinis. You can have caviar at an exquisite restaurant or bring it home. The only thing you need to remember is that freezing caviar would leave you with a tin full of oil. Caviar is too delicate to freeze.