Fireplaces to upgrade your living area

According to Anouska Hempel, a leading Australian interior designer, fireplaces are the center of attraction in any living room, especially during winters. They make any ordinary cold living area fit for a warm get together that would have stayed empty all winters otherwise. Given the importance of these fireplaces, one needs to be really very specific while choosing their fireplaces as per their living area.

A fireplace can indeed upgrade or downgrade a living area entirely. The ordinary wood burners and stone heaters are trending downwards with the advent of modern tech and progress in the field of interior designing. We have picked up a hand full of fireplace ideas to upgrade your living area this winter that will not only enhance the warmth of your living area but will also make you fall in love with your house one more time.

The exquisite Aqueon Fireplace by Heat & Glo has made its place in our list of exquisite fireplaces. This luxurious fireplace is eco-friendly and hydro-powered yet produces a flame-like vision by combusting oxygen, this feature has made it a fireplace without a chimney. It has the capacity to amaze in its own distinct way. The artistic candle-like flame design is a treat to one’s eyes. This comes at a cost of 50,000 USD. We bet, place this in your living zone and your guest will not stop praising.

If you have a wide space, Gold Iron Dog Huraxdax is a two and a half feet tall fireplace that can warm up an area of 1000 square feet in no time. The intricate design, adorned with gold silver and the producer’s devotion will give your living area a magical and classy effect. Quadra Gold Fireplace by Planika is another option.

Not all of us admire metallic products, rather there are few too choosy and glamour-loving individuals out there who have a taste for all those, Napoleon’s Swarovski Studded Fireplace is something to keep hands on. This eye-catching fireplace will add an additional bling to your place.

If you are an environmentalist, you adore nature and especially the solar system, Solaris See-Through Gas Fireplace is your thing and has a charm of its own with a capacity to heat up the entire room. This masterpiece is also designed by Heat &Glo. The visual depiction of this lavish piece speaks of itself. Carillon Fireball by La Nordica is another option.

If You are not a routine person and want something extra that is exclusively designed for your living area. None of the above has appealed to you and you are looking for an ultra-modern and lavish fireplace, then Cocoon Aeris has the solution for you. Their graceful Hanging Fireplace can add a pop to any living area.

The idea of electric fireplaces is also floating, for a living room that needs more light, Gold Bio-Ethanol Fireplace by Wodtke in four different superb shades and styles are capable of making any area a little more magnificent, modern, and royal at the same time.

Happy Winters!