Ford Velociraptor V8: the Beast

When you have a big purse, there is always a section fixed for automobiles. Luxury car lovers are of two types, the elegant ones who prefer a Rolls Royce or BMW, the other type is of the rough and tough ones. The ones who are adventurers. The ones who love ploughing into nature and need beastly rides to fulfill the purpose. If you are looking for a Velociraptor, a new beastly ride, then Ford offers the ultimate Velociraptor V8 for you.

This 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor has a power of 758 bHp that enables it to perform like a hulk on the roads. It has the capacity to shift from 0-60 in merely 4.1 seconds. This luxuriously rough on the road ride covers one-fourth of a mile in just 12.2 seconds span at a speed of 115mph. the big terrain tires make it fit for anywhere you drive it to, be it deserts, tropical areas, or hills, this ride will never leave you disappointed. Specially built for aggressive off-roading, bulldozing over rocks and jumps having 510 lb-ft of torque, all four-wheel distributed thrust will leave you craving for another ride every time. This four wheel drive has an engine of 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6 gas.

Coming to the exterior, Ford never dissatisfies its buyers. 17 inches wheels wrapped in beastly off-road tires, adorning the front side are Quad Beam LED headlights, along with aluminum running boards. The 5.5 foot bed is also available to be utilized as an extended or crew cab.

This beast is available in Ruby Red, Ingot Silver, Magnetic Metallic, Agate Black, Oxford White, Race Red, Velocity Blue, or any other custom shade you want to paint it. It’s one of the most unique beasts in the world that looks heavenly no matter what color you choose to paint it.

This ride also offers a trail control system making it grab the top place on lists of all automobile enthusiasts. Nevertheless, it’s a beast that never feels sluggish besides its heavy weight.

The interior is more admirable than the exterior. The cabin is miraculously comfortable. The option of dual zone climate control, availability of five passenger sitting, provision of handles for easy in and out, 60/40 folding split to maximize cargo volume add to its beastly specs. Every ride without music is boring, to provide you an ultimate experience of infotainment and music this beast offers beastly speakers upgrade of ten speaker bang sound system.

To carry on the Ford legacy, this velociraptor also offers a three year warranty, five year warranty of powertrain, and five year roadside assistance. It also has driver safety options and facilities. Automated forward collision warning, emergency brakes along with frontal, sides and curtain airbags to ensure you a safe ride. This V8 velociraptor is indeed a must-have for all those truck enthusiasts out there.