Gucci Goes Global: GucciFest 2020 Draws on Worldly Inspiration

A unique year requires a unique showcase for high-fashion brands that are foregoing traditional fashion shows amid covid restrictions for more conceptual offerings. The Italian fashion house Gucci has joined those who have presented new collections in a virtual way with GucciFest.

GucciFest is a conceptual marketing campaign from Gucci that showcases the new 2020 collection alongside short cinematic episodes. GucciFest is an absolute triumph in art, fashion, and marketing. From November 16 through the 23, Gucci has been releasing a new short cinematic episode on every single day. These shorts feature the latest offerings from Gucci while being littered with guest appearances. 

The collection of episodes is called, “Ouverture of Something that Never Ended” and each episode follows a woman named Silvia Calderoni in her adventures through Rome. Sylvia is an actress, performer, writer, thespian, dancer. The first episode showcases her Roman apartment beautifully decorated with vintage décor. Sylvia is joined by many special guests including gender theorist Paul B. Preciado, singer-songwriter Arlo Parks, and Rockstar Harry Styles. She and the special guests she interacts with throughout the story are dressed in Gucci looks that can be viewed separately on the GucciFest website. 

This series is a collaboration between award winning director Gus Van Sant and Gucci’s head creative director Alessandro Michele. The two have worked together to develop an artful series that showcases beautiful music, beautiful cinematography and beautiful clothes. 

Despite these cinematic shorts being utterly beautiful, they are not even the most impressive part of GucciFest. Gucci has included a spotlight for their GucciFest designers. This list is filled with very talented budding designers and many veterans of the industry that have designed pieces worn in the video series. In a unique offering, Gucci’s list features designers from across the globe. Gucci will showcase these rising stars throughout the week of GucciFest.

This list of designers is truly global. With designers from America, UK, China, Portugal, Nigeria, Sweden, Cambodia, and, of course, Italy, this collection of artists spans the globe. Their design aesthetics are truly global and many offer groundbreaking pieces that are unique. 

Gucci’s list of rising designers has a global focus while still representing their own heritages and cultures in their designs. Many of these designers work with materials traditional to their native country and utilize patterns and styles that are unique to those countries and cultures. When viewed as an entire collection, these designers offer a global view of fashion that is rarely seen. As a collective they offer a wide range of inspiration for the future of fashion.

Gucci’s global lens and their focus on mixing marketing with art are making waves in the world of fashion. Culminating global designers who use global materials widen Gucci’s reach. Through this creative medium, the fashion house is innovating the way brands market their products. In the future, virtual fashion shows and art installations may reign supreme over traditional fashion shows. By mixing artistic expressions with their designs, Gucci continues to solidify their place as one of the world’s best luxury brands.