Latest Luxury Eyewear

Every single part of your body needs protection against the scorching sun rays. The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Eye care is important, and so is style. All elite exclusive brands analyze this and never forget to add eyewear in their summer collections. Be it Ray-Ban, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Coco Chanel; there are always a bunch of eyewear items in their summer collection closets. This time we decided to come up with some ultramodern specs that would lit your fashion game instantly. Plus, the high-end brands offer luxury and care at the same time by polarizing the sunglasses, making them really safe. Here are our top picks to upgrade your summer glamour game.


When it comes to sunglasses, the name that instantly pops into the mind is Ray-Ban. Most of the stylish models, actors, and celebrities vote for Ray-Ban sunglasses for their exclusive style and comfort. Their latest collection also took the internet by storm. The best among them was the new Liteforce Sunglasses with Polycarbonate lens and available in five distinct shades. Also, Ray-Ban designers are creative and opted to play with different shapes. This time, they have launched Hexagonal and Octagonal polarized sunglasses to multiply your good looks.

Louis Vuitton

Another brand that never ceases to impress its customers when it comes to sunglasses is Louis Vuitton. Their latest Grease Mask sunglasses are an article to die for. The cleverish pink lens, keyhole nose, monogram engraved with laser technique on temples, UV protection with tens of other flower signature monograms engraves on lenses, and nose pad speaks volumes about the love their customers have: there is never enough of the classy Louis Vuitton monogram. Plus, the pink and golden combination makes it look chic! LV Blade Sunglasses will also catch your attention. Their flattering square shape and refined detailing make the LV Blade sunglasses an elegant option perfect for this summer. The LV initials on the hinges upgrade the look to another level.


Just like other well-reputed brands, our beloved Gucci also has some magnificent sunglasses in its fashion chest. Their pink shaded Round Frame sunglasses make your heart race to fetch them. Having a touch from retro and mixed perfectly with ultramodern needs make it a must-have item for upper-class ladies. The temples carry the interlocking G detail, adding subtleness to the whole look. They come with a hard velvet case and available in six jewel-toned colours to make you look adorned and embellished. This pair offers 100% UVA and UVB protection.

An outdoor summer season look is always incomplete without an enticing pair of sunglasses. They not only add glamour to your overall appearance but are also necessary for your eyes. Mentioned above were a few of the trendsetting frames of this season buying which would never make you regret. Also, they will enhance your personality and charisma. Step out and grab yours before they end.