Luxurious Summer Time Activities

Summers are meant to be playful for the bourgeoisie as it’s a season that brings a number of events and activities only the rich can enjoy. They range from kitty parties, luxurious pool parties, holidays, and camping abroad. The list is long and never-ending. The summer season is around the corner, and the time is definitely ripe to start planning for summer activities. Like every season, summer also brings an exclusive ambience and atmosphere. The activities you need to plan during summers are also different from the other season. Here is our tiny guide on the luxurious activities you can do this summer.

A spa day is a must-have every month that has summers. The scorching sun, ultraviolet rays, dusty winds, and dehydrating environment make it essential to have a spa day every month. In order to add some spice to this, the idea of planning a spa party along with a summer brunch never goes wrong. Arrange an outdoor party with spa services, brunch having fruity cuisines and fruity booze along with an atmosphere adorned with lilies and daisies. Arrange this refreshment for your close circle of friends and make sweet memories.

Such parties can also be arranged on the poolside. If not a spa party, you may host an all-inclusive summer poolside party. Choose a venue located in a posh area or book an entire estate. Arrange live music or DJs along with unlimited libation for guests. The menu should reflect an elegant affair; caviar, truffle mushrooms, and luxurious bonbons are a must. You can also add up a decent barbeque corner to make it look like a feast. Poolside bashes are always a summer activity the elite look for.

There are a number of summer activities that you can host for yourself as a treat. Attending a champagne tasting event is one among them. Make a trip to Paris, make your way to one of the beautiful wineries and taste the best wine available. This always becomes an experience to remember and will definitely make your taste buds thankful. There are French vineries that host such events in summer exclusively. The wise say, a good toast of champagne in summers is a heavenly delight.

Go on helicopter explorations! The best place to visit and discover by helicopter in the summers is the Grand Canyon in the US. From the deep red desert to the scintillating Las Vegas, you will see the world from a different angle. You can also land inside the Canyon, stop by for a champagne toast or host a lavish picnic. How fancy!

Another very liked summer activity is yacht cruising at the Bosphorus river. Head to turkey and plan a day and night cruising session on a private yacht. Discover the riverside, the birds at night that make the dark river look like fairies falling down from heaven at night. The morning at the Yacht in the middle of the river will make you believe like waking up in the heavens.