Luxury Dear Wedding Venues

The excitement of hosting your wedding is undefeatable. They bring unmatched joy, blessings, rituals, ceremonies, get-togethers and what not. It’s a day that remains memorable for the couple, their families and the guests, so why not make it remarkable? The idea of destination weddings has taken over the world.

However, if you are tired of ordinary destination wedding plans, then you are at the right place. Below is a guide to host a super extravagant luxury destination wedding that will remain fresh in the memories for decades to come.

First of all, there are some considerations you must take care of. Destination weddings are not for everyone, the number of guests you call would be limited. The destination, along with being a luxury spot, has to be of your taste too, you definitely won’t like getting married on a spot you don’t like.

Thirdly, you must contemplate about weather conditions, we don’t want you to ruin your day in scorching summers or freezing winters. Let’s discuss some lavish destination wedding venues:

  1. If you are looking for a classy wedding spot, then Linwood Estate, USA is your go-to place. The antiquity of the estate smells of 1807. The Linwood Mansion, The Appalachian Ballroom, Blue Mountain Terrace, and Linwood Gardens and Labyrinth offer a perfect place for small intimate affairs to grand celebrations.

They will also provide you with 19 guest rooms in a cottage, use of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and gardens. The bride needs not to worry for the makeup, theres a lavish makeup room located at the second floor. The groom can also throw a private party at the groom cottage. There is nothing more worthy of remembrance than your wedding night, for that Linwood Estate offers a Master Bridal Suite for wedding night.

2. Villa Balbianello, situated at Lake Como, Italy, is a fascinating destination wedding venue that will captivate your heart for the rest of your life. It offers an enticing and seductive private marquee that is accessible by a boat only and can hold up to 150 guests.

From providing party and wedding makeups to setting of wedding tables, decorating the perfect wedding cake, from offering the most elegant booze to flower decorations and admirable accommodation, Villa Balbianello has it all. And for sure, in Italy, you will find the most exquisite wine.

3. Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, are waiting for you to host your dream beach wedding ceremony, Across the silvery sands. No other place can be as charming as this one to say ‘I do!’ here you will find a personal wedding planner, cocktails for the couple and guests, tropical decorated location, classy champagne, traditional floral bath ceremony, photography, intricate Maldivian traditional live music and a modish wedding cake.

The villas at the island will provide for the best place to make your guests stay and inhale the Maldivian beauty deeper into their souls. For your special night, you will be treated with flowers, liqueur and delicately crafted chocolates to make a special start of your newly weds life!