Luxury cars must offer exceptional comfort in both the front and rear seats, smooth drivability, refinement, and performance, and serve as a better status symbols than most of the things on four wheels. But which models are best?? We have listed some of our favorite luxury cars.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan is a great choice and well-deserving of top ranking. This super luxury car is one of the most opulent vehicles you can buy, with seats fit for a monarch, superlative materials, and a list of features that few cars can match.

The S-Class’s AMG versions are even more expensive. These models cost between $150,000 and $200,000 depending on their powertrain and body style. The Mercedes-AMG S 65 sedan is the most expensive at $235,000.

Rolls Royce Ghost

The new Rolls Royce Ghost is a luxurious and refined car. Rolls Royce claims that the new Ghost is technologically advanced because of its relentless attention to detail. Only two parts are carried over from the previous model: the Spirit of Ecstasy, which sits on top of the bonnet, as well as the umbrellas that are hidden inside the doors.

Rolls-Royce’s new aluminum chassis, which it calls its “architecture of luxury”, is the basis for the Ghost. It is new for the Ghost, but it can also be found under the Cullinan SUV or flagship Phantom.

BMW 7 Series

Although the BMW 7 Series has never been able to match the Mercedes S-Class’s benchmarks, it is working hard. The 7 Series, despite its modest styling, is a fantastic choice. It features a superb line-up of petrol- and diesel engines and handling that owes much more to the 5 Series than a limousine or a host of hi-tech gadgetry.

Thanks to carbon fiber in its construction, the new car has a tapered design that is much lighter than the one it replaces. Although this helps save fuel, it also makes the 740i and 754i models very responsive for such large cars.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

The Phantom is a remarkable car. The Phantom is powered by a 6.75-liter V12 petrol motor that produces 563bhp as well as 900 Nm of torque. You can place your right foot to accelerate from a standing stop to 62 mph in 5.3 seconds, and then to a maximum speed of 155 mph.

The price is suitably large to go with the Rolls’ grand dimensions and 21- or 22-inch wheels, as the least you can expect to pay is north of PS300,000. If you look at the options, you’ll see that the price is well above the PS400,000 mark.

It is unbelievably quiet on the road and very comfortable. But, if you are in the driver’s seat, there are a variety of features that will make your ride more enjoyable. There is four-wheel steering for low-speed maneuvers and high-speed stability. Then there is active roll management and air suspension to stop unwanted lurching through corners.

Range Rover

Despite its SUV body, the Range Rover is just as comfortable as a long-distance cruiser as it is ploughing through a muddy field. The Range Rover, despite its size and weight, is agile and highly refined.

There are four trim levels for the Range Rover: the entry-level Vogue SE, mid-range Vogue SE, and the Autobiography. The bespoke SV Autobiography is at the top of the range. The engines are big in power, with a 3.0-liter SDV6 Diesel, a 3.0-litre Petrol and a 5.0 supercharged gasoline V8. A 2.0-litre petrol plug in hybrid is also available with 398 bhp.

The Range Rover is taller than its competitors, making it feel huge in the back. It also offers a spectacular view, especially in long wheelbase guise. It is quite large, but it can be difficult to climb into the car.