Out of this World; A trip to Private Island in Maldives

If you are planning your next holiday and the location has to be the Maldives, you must have googled it. Upon scrolling different resorts in the Maldives, you must have noticed that all of these resorts look alike and confused you. Now, you are about to change your plan and switch your destination. Wait! Don’t do that.

Maldives is too scintillating to be missed. Why worry when we are here to provide you with ample information to build up your perfect plan for a luxurious holiday in Maldives. Let’s get started:

There are certain 3 and 4-star resorts in the Maldives. Unfortunately, the services they offer are not up to the mark and can result in a huge set back. Yet there are some private resorts with 5-star services, these villas and resorts on private islands in the Maldives will leave your heart captivated.

Our top pick of luxury resorts situated in the Maldives is Gili LankanfushiThe resort is located on a private island and maintains a boutique-style hotel. There are 32 overwater bungalows set up in a vast lagoon. These traditional Maldivian bungalows are built with natural material including thatch, wood and straws. 

Natural bathrooms are private, but they provide you with an open-air bathing experience like never before. The spa here has an unbeatable charm. It also offers night snorkelling excursions, meaning guests have the opportunity to spot nocturnal animals as well as the magical bioluminescence.

Second on the list comes NiyamaIt is a mesmerizing all in one resort which is super luxurious and distinctive in the Maldives. Sight and wildlife seeing, including sea turtles, sharks and lobsters are just a few meters away. 

Snorkelling, even for beginner swimmers, is available. There are villas set up in silvery sands, treetop eateries, drift spas and culinary heaven, specially designed for tourists and newlyweds. The slow rhythm of tranquil waters surrounding the villas is soul calming.

They also offer sailing activities, surfing and roaming around the island on cycles. They further have an undersea and hovering restaurant that will leave your taste buds craving for more of their food. For fine dining, a restaurant into the ocean, accessible by their private boats is also set.

Kudadoo, Maldives, is another wonderful option especially if you are an environmentalist and don’t want the earth to decay. This eco-powered luxury spot has all under the sun available for you to rejoice.

If you are a discerning traveller and ordinary places do not appeal you much, Kudadoo is then your must go-to place. You will find ultimate sports, relaxation and wellness activities sealed in hospitality. This solar-powered resort has won numerous prizes for architectural and culinary creations.

Their sulha spa, wine and cheese cellar along with a private exquisite wine selection is all set to spoil you. Their luxury yacht experience will make you wish to spend your entire life cruising around this petite island.

Happy Holidays Folks!