Singaporean luxury Restaurants you must visit in Spring

If you’re dreaming about a foodie vacation in spring, you can not miss Singapore, which is usually called the food super-star of South East Asia. The food-obsessed city-state is stuffed with boundary-pushing eateries.

Bearing that in mind, we’ve piled up 5 of the very best restaurants in Singapore. Therefore if you’ve got a craving for Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, or else you are looking for something particular, these luxury restaurants in Singapore will deliver a treat for your taste buds.

1- Waku Ghin

One of Asia’s greatest restaurants, including Waku Ghin, is a lavish 25-cover Japanese restaurant located in the imposing Marina Bay Sands complex. The region is split up into four private dining rooms, each having varying luxury style, and each includes an exclusive private chef who prepares a sumptuous degustation menu. For afters, guests will be escorted into another dinner space, where the night will probably be rounded off using just two sweet courses while overlooking the most breathtaking Singapore skyline.

2- Iggy’s Restaurant

Iggy’s Restaurant, is considered as one of the Singapore’s hidden gems, located in the Hilton Hotel around the renowned Orchard Road, can actually be an enormous hit with the town’s highfliers and people visiting as a part of a lavish holiday. Named after well-respected restauranteur Ignacious Chan, Iggy’s food category is still difficult to accurately determine. However, it’s probably better described as a combination of east meets west, while the dishes take inspiration from European, Asian and European cultures.

3- Shinji from Kanesaka

To find your finest traditional Japanese Sushi and Sashimi Omakase available in Singapore, you’d don’t find better than Shinji from Kanesaka. The vibrant, however intimate setting is more advanced than every Japanese eatery in the metropolis, although décor is fresh and simple,” Shinji from Kanesaka is still among the very exclusive and luxury restaurants in Singapore.

4- Osteria Mozza, Singapore

Regarded as being one of the very best Italian-American restaurants in Singapore, Osteria Mozza comes with a vibe that makes you feel as though you’ve come into an eatery in the new York.

Founded by one of America’s most renowned chefs, Mario Batali, the restaurant has received excellent reviews because of the profoundly Italian-American menu since opening in 2010.

Featuring a freestanding mozzarella pub at the core of the restaurant, that is Italian cuisine with a twist, and diners can expect you’ll get amazed by the freshness in ingredients used in the broad range of pasta, fish, and meat dishes.

5- Bar-A-Thym

Bar-A-Thym specializes in mouth-watering French cuisine, plating up tasty fish and beef dishes cooked la Plancha. Their French Omakase menu was designed by French Chef François Mermilliod together with each dish inspired by the regional specialties of Southern France. Particular favorites from the menu include the Wagyu Cote D E Boeuf, Seafood Bouillabaisse, Morisseau® Bouchot Mussels, TE MANA Lamb Rack and also the Angel hair Pasta with Sea Urchin.