The Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful natural creations. In this modern times, diamonds are increasingly being sold in jewelry auctions. This has made them more valuable treasures. The price depends on many other factors, including the number of reflection edges, color, clarity, and historical and cultural importance. Here are some of the most valuable diamonds in the entire world.

The Orange (32 million euros)

This 14.82-carat diamond in bright orange broke a world record by selling for 32 million euros in 2013. The most sought-after diamonds are usually pink or blue, but this gem took the world by surprise with its clementine coloring and compact size.

The Princie (33 million euros)

The pink, 34.54-carat diamond, has been around for over 300 years. It was found in India’s Golconda Mines. Van Cleef & Arpels bought it from the Hyderabad Royal Family in 1960. They named it the Princie in honor of Sita Devi, a famous Parisian socialite. This diamond is priced at a staggering 33 million euros

CTF Pink Star ($71.2 million)

CTF Pink Star, formerly known as The Pink Star was made from a 132.5-carat rough diamond. It was mined by De Beers at the Steinmetz mine in 1999. Chow Tai Fook, a Hong Kong jewel giant, purchased the $71.2 million at The Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction this is a new record for international gem auctions.

The Centenary Diamond  ($100 million)

The centenary diamond was discovered in 1980. It weighed 599 carats, and it took three years for the rough to be polished into a flawless 273-carat Diamond. This diamond ranked third in world weight.

There are 75 cuts at its top, 89 at the bottom, and 83 at the waist. The total number of cuts is 247. This magnificent giant diamond is flawless, beautiful, and rare.

The Centenary diamond, currently located in the De Beers collection, is valued at $100 million.

The Cullinan Diamond (up to $2 billion)

The Cullinan is the most famous diamond. The Cullinan diamond can be found in the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found, weighing an incredible 3,106.75ct with 611.35g. It was discovered in Cullinan in South Africa in 1905 and then given to King Edward VII.

The rough diamond was then cut into many different sizes. The largest is Star of Africa I, while the second-largest Star of Africa II.

Star of Africa II is second in size. It measures square and weighs 317.40 Carats. It is set on the crown and has 64 faces.

The Hope Diamond ($250 million)

The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous “doom diamonds” in history. Many of its owners have died unexpectedly, as homicide and looting are a constant accompaniment to its appearance. It is also the prototype of “Heart of the Sea” in Titanic.

The Hope Diamond price is approximately $250 million.