The Team

Manuel Mertl
CEO & Founder
Kerrie Rees
Author (Fashion)

Fashion blogger who loves spending a lot of time in fashion stores. She started her career as a fashion designer plus loves to play with the fashion world through her exceptional writing skills. She was working with many reputable fashion companies until she met us. Karrie is currently living in Sydney with a library full of fashion magazines.

Jerry Lopez
Author (Gourmet)

Food lover and a firm believer in food science philosophy. He is a good taste observer as well as hiding tons of taste experience under his belt. He not only possesses high quality taste buds but is also an excellent chef. Jerry defines his happy life circle in these words Eat-Sleep-Eat-Sleep and repeat. A real gourmet to the core.

Mehwish Zahra
Author (Lifestyle)

Lifestyle blogger and an influencer. She is Founder & CEO of Her journey to influence people started initially by connecting with friends and family, then steadily grew enough to bridge liaison with the world. She possess a reputable standing in the eyes of human race. She is a majestic writer who puts soul in words.

Darlene Russell
Author (Living)

Interior decorator and living blogger. She was forced to be a heart surgeon by profession but landed where she wanted to be. She started her interior decorator carrier as a part time job while studying medical but was dropped out. Now she writes to help and motivate others to build their home according to their budget and preferences.

Jonathon Booth
Author (Motor)

A modern world child, with a high level of automotive knowledge. He loves to play with machines since his childhood and is up-to-date with every technology news. An expert in German cars like Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW. His broad knowledge of the automotive industry helps people to find exactly what they desire.

Maja Campbell
Author (Travel)

Travel enthusiast and describes herself in these words “I am a traveler and my destination is the whole world”. She is an energetic and  tough woman, who loves to explore every part of earth no matter at what cost. She shares her journey to inspire, encourage and motivate mankind to see what mother earth has to offer.