Trend Alert: Californian Bedroom Makeover

If you are looking for a luxurious and up-to-date bedroom makeover that will turn your room airy, light, cool and elegant, then a Californian bedroom makeover is all you need. The Californian interior designs are praised across the globe for the grace they carry in the neutral tones and minimalist aesthetics. We decided to bring you the guide to transform your room into a luxurious Californian inspired bed area that would always prove to be your best area to end your day. Consider the following to achieve your serene luxurious Californian bedroom:

To start with, the first step towards bedroom transformation is paint. While setting your Californian bedroom, you need to keep in mind that you have to choose from an array of bleached neutral tones while selecting the paint that suits your needs. No dark colors at all. According to Sabula Chicago, a leading Californian house designer, a super Californian bedroom is likely to have a white, off-white, beige, or bleached blue tone.

The most prominent piece of furniture in the bedroom is definitely the bed. For a Californian bed room, a walnut wood bed like the one offered by Sunwe Luxury living will do a great job. Modern American wood beds can be customized at their stores, to maintain the Californian spirit, woody colors need to be chosen.

To add extra storage space in the room, Walker Fog 5 Drawer Chest from Crate and Barrel is our personal favorite. Their Linea II collection also offers wonderful woody furniture for bedroom. You need to remember the simpler, the better.

Having set up the furniture, the next thing that is another highlight of the bedroom is the perfect Californian bed lining. Crate and Barrel also offer some luxurious bleached shade bed lining options to choose from. Their Natural Hemp bedsheets and duvet covers, Warm White Belgian Flax Linen, Doret Jersey Pillows, and Linen Pine Strap Bedsets offer a calming Californian look.

Next comes the décor, a soft jute rug is a must-have item in a Californian bedroom. It brings more texture, a little bit of more faded colors, and a serene oasis-like look to the bedroom. Choose rugs with lighter bleached tones, do not go for whites. Obviously, you won’t like living in a room with boring walls, find some old photographs of yourself on some beach, or of a summer get together, adorn your walls with white or woody frames.

A Californian room is a light and breeze, replace your old curtains with thin white or bleached ones. Till will leave your room grabbing more light and leaving a soft and subtle impact on you every morning. The lamps need to be not too gauche. Simple golden or silver lamps with white caps and warm tone lights are perfect for such transformations.

To add a bit of nature to your room, plant some cacti or Aloe Vera in minimalistic design pots, and you are all set to spend your first night in your luxurious Californian bedroom.