UK Green List Countries for Summer Yacht Charters in 2021

By Trina Howes on Jul 12, 2021 in Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean, Cruises & Boat Travel, Europe, Health & Safety, Malta, Oceania, Pacific Islands, Regions, Spain, Speciality Travel, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe.

At 4 am on the 30th, the UK expanded its green list countries that are safe to travel and for those who have been vaccinated or COVID-negative. This increases the opportunities for Britons to vacation away from their home in the Summer.

These popular destinations include*:

  • The Balearic Islands, Malta, and the Madeira Islands in Europe
  • Anguilla and Antigua and Barbuda in Barbados.
  • Bermuda, British Antarctic Territory (British Antarctic Territory), British Indian Ocean Territory (British Indian Ocean Territory), and Pitcairn, as well as other British Overseas Territories.


The Balearic Islands is a popular destination in the Western Mediterranean. However, it is still possible to escape the crowds to enjoy the beauty, culture and beautiful weather of this archipelago. Enjoy a night of dancing with top international DJs in Ibiza Town, or head out to tranquil anchorages and enjoy the best beaches first before everyone else.

Ciutadella de Menorca offers a variety of cultural, shopping, and culinary experiences. You can also enjoy some pampering in the spas.

Balearic Islands tourists should plan to spend at least a day in Barcelona in order to visit the outstanding museums and Modernisme architecture such as La Sagrada Familia.

Malta is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of nature and the rich history and culture that surround it.

The Caribbean

Anguilla has been very thoughtful about its development. It has maintained the island’s laid-back charm, while providing plenty of entertainment and luxury options. You can find more excitement by taking a cruise to St. Maarten or St. Barth’s, which offer shopping and dining options.

Antigua & Barbuda are very popular among outdoor lovers. The coral reefs and beaches are full of life and are enough to mesmerize snorkelers and divers. There are also hundreds of beaches with white sand that are perfect for sunset meals and other nighttime activities.

Other British Overseas Territories

Similar to the Bahamas, Bermuda’s pink sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, and beautiful scenery make it the ideal backdrop for weddings, honeymoons, or family holidays. Scuba divers can explore more than 300 wrecks, while snorkelers have many options for viewing the underwater inhabitants at Tobacco Bay or Church Bay. You can relax and enjoy the warm breeze and sun on the warm sands or go hiking on the island trails. After you have satisfied your hunger, you will find the Royal Naval Dockyard offering rum cakes and other refreshments. The museums, galleries, and boutique shops on the island will keep you busy until the late afternoon.

The Pitcairn Islands, located in the middle South Pacific, are the perfect place to escape the office. The Pitcairn Marine Reserve is 324,000 miles in area and the pristine coral reefs within are teeming with fish of all shapes and sizes. These majestic giants can be spotted annually from these shores. They are most often sighted between March and October.