Ultra Modern Living Room Décor

Ultra Modern Living Room Décor

A vibrant living room is the heart of any modern residence. If your living room is no more the center of attention and giving retro vibes, you need not fret. Christmas is approaching nearer, and now is the ripe time to kick off those bygone trends out of your living room and transform it into an ultra-modern one. Here is a short catalog of things you need to ponder while metamorphosing your living room.

You may choose from a variety of trendy lavish themes. Be it minimalistic, rustic, transitional, classic leather, monochrome or contemporary, all are in fashion. Each of these will leave your house with a chic look. All the furniture you choose will reflect your theme. Walnut wood is trending; it will leave your living room having a distinct look of its own, says Michele De Lucchi, an elite interior designer from Florence, Italy. Leather furniture is also ringing fashion bells this year; you may find lush Marlyn or Volta sofas from Castilla, Singapore.

Then come the tables. Be very specific while selecting center and side tables for your living area. A cocktail table from Ralph Pucci International, Yves Klein cocktail table, marble-and-granite table by Drake Design, Cappellini tables, or a vintage cocktail table from Galerie Van den Akker would make you love your lounge.

Gwenael Nicolas, who owns an upper-class French décor company, suggests adding a pop of contrasting color that will make your living zone look bold. Even loud shades make your place look balanced and cohesive. The best way to incorporate different hues is to add lamps of a reverse color that would look a little odd against your theme. Hola Studio from the UK offers various lamps and pendant lights, or a modish French, antique Russian or Spanish chandelier from the Pamonochandelier store would be perfect. Also, they have dimming options; dim lights will make your new living room appear more gorgeous.

Then comes the floor. Spanish tiles, white marble, terracotta, and Italian marble are capable of adding a distinctive look to your living room. To add a cherry on top, you may order elegant handmade Nishaburi, Modern Nepalese, Modern Cowhide, or Tribal rug from Jehan gallery. If you have a metallic theme, then you may opt for a shag rug from ABC Carpet & Home, Angora-goatskin rug, or a Paola Lenti rug from Niche Beverly are fit to caste a bespoke effect.

Lastly, there is a dire need to add accessories to your super luxurious living room. For side tables, you may opt for a Michele Oka Doner piece, colorful sculptures by Beat Zoderer, or ultra modish sculptures from Beat Zoderer. Charcoal paintings are an idiosyncratic manner to add a graphic punch to your area. Günther Förg and Richard Prince’s paintings offer a wide range to choose from. Fireorb offers contemporary hanging fireplaces that will complete your suave and stylish living room.