What’s new in Dior Stores?

Every year, every month, and every season, Dior stores have never ceased to inspire us with their wonderful designs. Be it wardrobe, accessories, jewelry, skincare, or fragrances; Dior stocks the best of them. Their spring-summer season created hype among high-end shoppers as soon as it landed in the stores. Here are our most exciting picks from their stores:

Dior Forever Makeup

The Dior Forever Makeup Foundations based on 86% of skincare essentials are worth buying. Every blogger and YouTuber MUA has reviewed them as the best of all foundations ever used. What makes it more beneficent is that 96% of its ingredients are extracted from nature. It is available in 41 skin tone shades for fair to ebony skin. Along with this, one may choose from the range offering natural nude, matte, or skin glow foundation as per their requirement. Also, by using this foundation the users will notice pore minimization, even tone, and matte-looking skin this summer. It is also accompanied by SP 35 sunblock. Moreover, it is resistant to heat, dust, and sweat. How chic!

Dior Watches

The summer and spring seasons are all about colors and shine. Dior has never missed products for vivid color lovers in all its collections. The 18K Yellow Gold Dior Gem watch reflects the season proficiently. This is not the ordinary strap watch, it has Dauphine hands to keep you easy during harsh summers. It has 31 uniquely found diamonds studded and celebrates the natural beauty of the season. The green inner of the dial coupled with the warmth of yellow gold is a delight to the eyes. It is also available in three other color combos.

Dior Palm Collection

A little bit of breeze is all we need in summers. Palm trees reflect a cooling sensation to the eyes. Dior has magnificently incorporated these palms in the blue shade on its new Dior Palm collection to enable you to rock that lovely summer look. The lovely Long Dress from the collection exhibits a palm motif and is made in striped silk canvas. Definitely, a delight for all long dress lowers out there.

Dior Sneakers

Nobody in summers wants to stay lazy, embellished with golden Dior ID signature, the latest Dior sneakers are going you stay healthy and active in summers. If you are on holiday or going for a short routine walk these sneakers would be your perfect companion. Their steady sole adds more to the look making them the best pair of Italian-made sneakers in the town.


No summer look is complete without elegant sunglasses, the Ultra Dior Brown to Pink sunglasses are becoming a hot seller. These oversized glasses are bold and classy. Their comfort is beyond explanation. The Christian Dior signatures engrave on the temples reflect the identification. Being crafted in Italy, these are definitely going to be the best ones you own.

Dior stores are always on the list of avid shopping freaks who love being extravagant and are in habit of uncompromised quality assurance. The time is now ripe to get your hands on the items above before the stores run out of them. You won’t want to wait for restocking, would you?