What’s New in Dolce and Gabbana Stores

Whenever luxury fashion houses are under discussion, Dolce and Gabbana make its place in the discussion. The Italian fashion brand has an identity like no other. The intricate D & G logo carries a specific luxurious vibe. Ever since its foundation, it has never disappointed its customers. Every month, something new makes its place in the D & G stores across the globe. It has ultra-modish products for men, women, and kids.

The new year has arrived, if you were too busy with the celebrations and could not do enough shopping and Dolce and Gabbana is your favorite store, this article is for you.

The elegantly designed D & G headband made of Nickle, Iron, and glass is a must-have from the latest D & G collection. This gold color shiny headpiece will make you feel nothing less than a princess. The traditional D & G logo reflects the ultimate grace and class. The stores also have the iconic SN1 sneakers that can add more charm to your personality by making your look caste a bold statement. These sneakers are inspired by the iconic Rubic’s cube, and we guarantee, these are going to be the best sneakers you have ever had.

The stores are full of lavish accessories, and fashion advisors claim that no woman does not buy a handbag while she plans to go shopping. The Sicily 67 bag range has unveiled five bright colour mini handbags that no woman would not want to buy to utilize in her spring robe for all those lovely ladies.

Another Dolce and Gabbana bag worth buying is a small devotion handbag. Anyone who sees this bag is left awe-stricken. Made of quilted more leather, this glamorous and shimmery golden bag and devotion logo make it difficult for the viewers to take their eyes off as soon as they see this masterpiece. It also has an adjustable metal chain to ensure comfort.

D & G’s Power Pastel theme made everyone to have their products more. This range offers bleached colour products in pastel shades that make these products difficult to be missed. From the same range, pastel colour Satin Pumps with Embellishments are simply eye-popping. The sole is made up of pure leather from goatskin and features D & G logo. Also, it comes in a themed packing which makes it a perfect gift as well.

The red Lace midi dress by Dolce and Gabbana reflects femininity and sensuality coupled with boldness. This dress is a show stopper and good enough to brighten up your day. There is something you can couple with this lovely dress. The red Rubber Devotion iPhone 11 Pro cover is a handy accessory that will help you create a more bold and classy look. To complete the look, you only need Shimiso lightweight lip lacquer by the same company. It has fourteen different shades that will make love this brand even more.

Happy Shopping!