Why you should buy these 5 ridiculously expensive food items

In this modern era, everybody likes to have a fine-dining experience. The food which comes up with potent ingredients and delicious taste sometimes becomes challenging to find. However, we have brought some of the ridiculously expensive food items for you that you should buy for your deepest food cravings and that are all set to empty your wallets!

Bird’s Nest (Red)

It is a Chinese dish that is presented in the form of a soup. Bird’s Nest that is in red color is made from saliva (SERIOUSLY, EEEW). Usually, it is served in 3 colors, which are yellow, red, and white. This soup is basically famous for its price. It is sold by the restaurant owners at a staggering price, but it has a unique and delicious taste that you can’t offer your tongue many times. South East Asian Farms was the place from where this soup was obtained. It will cost you $10,000 to enjoy this tasty soup per bowl.

Black Truffles

Mostly black truffles can be found in France. They are considered to be the most expensive truffles after the white ones that you can find out.  If we talk about the taste and flavor of black truffles, then they are simply amazing. Some of the top restaurants have added it as a luxury item in their menus to enhance the taste in the meal courses. As far as the cost is concerned then quantity-wise, they are less than a pound which makes them $1,700.

Almas Caviar

It is an addition to the luxurious and delicious food items whose production is done at Iran. Even if you visit Iran, you still wouldn’t be able to find almas caviar quite easily. It will look like finding a needle in a haystack. The food item is not expensive alone as its tin packaging is made from gold (well, 24k gold, sounds interesting, no?). However, the price of this specific Caviar is $25,000.

Yubarki King Melons

You can’t associate king melons with your local market melons because their taste is far better than the ordinary market ones. The proportion of sweetness is also commendable of these melons, which are orange from inside. A single piece will cost you $5,000, which means that these melons come with a hefty price tag.

King melons are high in demand, and even auctions are held for selling these yummy melons. It was also seen that a businessman tried to obtain custody of these melons by bidding almost $23,000. So just make sure that your family members don’t crack it accidently.

Wagyu Beef

The word Wagyu came from “Japanese Beef”.  It means that the beef can come from any type of breed from Japanese Cow. The meat has got an amazing aroma. Besides, the buttery taste will make you lick your fingers. Wagyu bull calves in Japan, which are used for the production of meat, are provided with beer and massages as well as classical music. Only 1 kg of meat can cost you $450. That is quite a lot of MOO-NEY!